Powder: Beauty Just Got Personal

Powder, part of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd, home to iconic brands such as Marie Claire, InStyle, Wallpaper* and Look, launched in early 2015. From initial paper prototypes to high fidelity prototypes, to focus groups and user interviews, I played a pivotal role in helping to launch a new product for Time Inc.

How it works

First thing’s first, our Beauty Editors comb through every product, from the beauty icons to the brand new launches, before editing them down to the best of the best.

When you join Powder, we ask you a few questions about your beauty-self and your biggest beauty bugbears. Finally, our very clever algorithm (maths terms for an upmarket sum) matches you with an amazing product that’s perfect for you. There are also expert Editors’ tips and tricks to keep each product recommendation company.

You can store recommendations in your Beauty Drawer and through your Powder Beauty Feed keep up to date on the latest launches, trends and tips tailored to you. The result? Wave goodbye to those hours (and pounds) spent on products that are destined for the black bin-liner. Say hello to a lifetime of beauty happiness.

Of course, we haven’t finished yet. Powder is just a few weeks old and we’ll be adding new products, categories and features constantly as we build our community of beauty obsessives.


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Wallpaper Design Awards


  • Simplify the design which has gradually become bloated.
  • The secondary navigation in the ‘Shortlist’ section is not being clicked. This needs addressing.

The approach:

We began by auditing the page content, and found a lot of unrelated material that could be stripped away. Immediately a lot of the noise was reduced and the message became much clearer. Once we had decided on what content should remain, the architecture was up for discussion. It’s a relatively simple page, made up of a small blurb, a list of judges, a shortlist, the winners, and some related content. The element that warranted the most lengthy discussion was the secondary navigation in the shortlist. There still remain some issues with this, but it is performing much better since the redesign. We will perform some further user testing prior to next year’s award so that we can continue to hone the usability of the page whilst not compromising the design integrity required by the brand.The process we used was simple paper prototyping followed by a medium fidelity prototype built in Axure to mimic the interactions.


The mobile version is, unfortunately, somewhat compromised, and this is something I hope we can improve upon for next year. We couldn’t have the slide out navigation in the shortlist, so removed the navigation entirely and let the sections default to one large gallery. The next and previous links on the Judges section are not bold enough, and could also benefit from some reworking.

View of the Judges section on mobile

Mobile view of the shortlist section



















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