Nespresso Niggle

I’m ordering my coffee and notice that I can add free recycling bags. Let’s do it.


I think I’ll take 3 bags, as I have a stack of used capsules saved up.


BINGO! Job done. Now let’s checkout.


I hit the ‘proceed to checkout’ button but nothing seems to happen. I try again incase I miss-clicked but still nothing. I search the page for an error message but can’t see one. It takes me a little while, but I see there’s a small scrollbar to the right of my items.


Hmmmm, okay, so I can only add 2 bags. However if you look back to the first screenshot, I am given the choice of adding up to 9. This should be limited to 2 right here.

Oh well, let’s change it to 2 bags then.


Done. The page refreshes so I can see that something has happened. I hit the ‘proceed to checkout’ button, but I don’t move to the next step of checkout. As I scroll down the basket again I see this:


Hmmmm, rather than changing the amount of bags to 2, I now seem to have 5 bags in my basket. I’ll just hit the little ‘x’ to delete the initial 3 bags that I added.

What happens?


Oh dear. The wrong line item seems to have been removed. Now it seems that no amount of clicking the ‘x’ or trying to change the number of capsules will work. I simply CANNOT checkout. Here’s what I do instead:

Log out.

Clear cookies.


Reorder my capsules.

Select 2 recycle bags.

Checkout success.

I want the product, so I persevere. This is all too often the case when the user really wants something. A user should not be persevering, they should be sailing through the experience. Incidentally I have since ordered capsules using the Nespresso app, and it’s a seamless, delicious experience. The coffee is pretty great too!

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Get Ready To Do Some Serious Shopping?

This is a UX failure so spectacular that I had to check it wasn’t April Fools Day.

I use the H&M site on my laptop frequently. Their baby joggers are hard wearing, inexpensive, and ideal for romping around nursery. While it’s never been a stand out shopping experience, I’ve also never had any complaints. It just works.

This multitasking Mamma decides to save some time and order using my phone whilst on the way to softplay. The site prompts me to download the app, which I do. It’s clear and easy to use. With ease I navigate to my favourite jogging bottoms and add them to the basket. Time to checkout! My address needs updating so I click to amend my details. I’m expecting some input fields and a nice clear ‘save my changes’ style shenanigans. What I get is this:

H&M app dialogue box
Maybe somebody has shares in the postal system?

H&M want me to post my new details to them! You heard me right… POST! As in letter and stamp, paper and envelope, postbox and mailman, fuel to deliver this information, staff to process this change. Needless to say, I abandon checkout in total disbelief.

I have since decided that one of the devs is having a laugh.

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