Persona | Template

“Personas are fictional representations of your users (a bit like user stand-ins). They are fictional, but should be based on fact. They represent the goals, motivations, characteristics and behaviours of a real group of users. Personas help to put a […]

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User Journey | Template

“Whereas experience maps generally show the end-to-end customer journey, a user journey document typically only shows part of the user journey. For example, it might be the journey through a website, or when completing a particular task. The journey is […]

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A few words on complexity.

Living with Complexity

I’ve just read a great book called ‘Living with Complexity’ by Donald A. Norman. You should read it. It rocks! Here’s the TLDR if you don’t have the time: “If only today’s technology were simpler! It’s the universal lament, but […]

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Hi-fidelity or Lo-fidelity?

Lo-fi prototyping with Aquadoodle and Monty.

When choosing the right fidelity for your prototype, there are two main questions that you should ask yourself: Who is the prototype for? What is the goal of the prototype? If I’m creating a prototype for a User or a Stakeholder then […]

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Nespresso Niggle

I’m ordering my coffee and notice that I can add free recycling bags. Let’s do it. I think I’ll take 3 bags, as I have a stack of used capsules saved up. BINGO! Job done. Now let’s checkout. I hit […]

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The Imminent Return To Work

In the wake of my imminent return to work there is a new type of stress on the block: to be outstanding. Ambition has always been in my vocabulary, but never more so than now. I couldn’t possibly just ‘tick […]

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