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Persona template

“Personas are fictional representations of your users (a bit like user stand-ins). They are fictional, but should be based on fact. They represent the goals, motivations, characteristics and behaviours of a real group of users. Personas help to put a human face to users. They help the project team to get consensus on who the ‘users’ are (not always an easy thing) and help to communicate important information about users.”

-Joe Natoli

Here’s a dummy Persona that I’ve been playing around with.

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My folks are the ultimate UX practitioners. They made parenting look so darned simple (which, for the record, it's really not).

Behind my carefree upbringing was a complex structure that I couldn't see; a constantly evolving architecture of morality, ethics, education and boundaries. My folks had some pretty stern error messages too, but, I'll not lie, they were necessary. Their project is ongoing, but requires fewer updates these days.

I'm a London based practitioner bringing UX into real life, and real life into UX.